Teacher Survival Strategies Book

“The Teacher Survival Skills book is an excellent starting point for any teacher considering the education profession or is in their first few years of teaching. What I loved most about this book is that it simply does not target teachers already teaching in the classroom; but rather all new teachers, those who are still teaching on call or those who are novice teachers struggling. I highly recommend this book!”

– D. Goldman, Principal and CEO

All new teachers who enter the world of teaching can benefit from having survival skills to successfully survive in the classroom. This quick-read and very handy book offers the top 11 survival skills with ready-to-use resources to help teachers lead into a successful first few years of teaching. In this easy-to-read yet handy manual, Dr. Sunddip offers excellent ideas on how to prevent a new teacher from experiencing burnout and a powerful way to enjoy the journey of teaching, a profession that is extremely rewarding. From building relationships, classroom management, to inclusion in the classroom and assessment, this book has the essential tools to help any teacher gain the confidence to become a master teacher in the various facets of education.

Use the reflection activities and handouts provided in this book to help you develop the skills that will enable you to become a master teacher!

Although geared for new teachers, any teacher can benefit from this cleverly written book!