For over ten years, Dr. Sunddip has been helping institutions in helping leaders and teachers become masters in their professions.

As one of the most inspirational and experienced persons in the industry, Dr. Sunddip has been helping to make positive change in educational organizations to help educators remain current in their professions.

Why Dr. Sunddip?

educational consultantsWhen the top schools in India needed an educational expert to train their teachers to become master teachers in assessment and engaging the learners in the classroom, they chose Dr. Sunddip.

When schools and districts need a teacher to help them to become better at managing their classrooms, they chose Dr. Sunddip.

When TED Talks needed to nominate inspirational speakers who have brilliant ideas on how to change education, they chose Dr. Sunddip.

When Oakesdale School District needed an expert to coach new teachers and evaluate them to in order to gain the skills as they get through their first three years of teaching, they hired Dr. Sunddip as their life coach in helping novice educators become master teachers.

Dr. Sunddip brings a proven record of 10+ years of success to help make your next learning or professional development event extraordinary.

We offer a wide range of integrated training and coaching workshops to help organizations make change:

  • Online Training Sessions & Workshops – For work with smaller groups. These personalized workshops are for one-on-one life coaching with clients!
  • Curriculum Design & Development – Creation of programs for various companies involved in the secondary and post-secondary school sector.
  • New Teacher Survival Skills – The essential skills for early success and deepening passion for teaching in the first 3 years of teaching.
  • Assessment in the Classroom – Powerful assessment design for powerful learning experiences in the classroom.
  • Teacher Revival Skills – Supporting all teachers in their on-going growth in the art and skill of teaching.
  • Teacher Evaluation Tools – Assessing instructors in their classrooms using individualized assessments to increase student engagement & retention.
  • Developing 21st Century Learning Skills – Today is different, the classroom must teach for the differences.
  • Online Learning Practices – Online curriculum design and effective online teaching practices.
  • Classroom Management – Classroom management is ‘ageless’, context makes it different. Therefore ‘one size does not fit all’ with the exception of respect.
  • Leadership Training – Coaching administrators and leaders on how to build an effective staff to meet organization’s goals.
  • Employee Mental Health and Wellness Workshops – A popular program to help leaders and employees understand the risks associated with mental stress and burnout in an organization. This program provides strategies on how to live a more well-balanced life in all facets, which help people to be more productive in the workplace.