Cool Tips for Teachers

Cool Tips for Teachers

As an educator, I am constantly looking for interesting ways to keep current in my classroom but also find innovative ways to help keep my teaching strategies efficient. Be it in the elementary, middle, high school, or adult education environment, I have found that there are some really neat strategies that can work.

Here are a few for you to consider and try using in the classroom. Try them and see how effective they are:

  1. Reminder101 App – This is an excellent way to leave messages for parents or students without having to give out your phone number. Not only does this work well for keeping your number private, it allows you to communicate directly with parents.
  2. Bathmats – Teachers can use bathmats to separate spaces for students on the floor. This can allow students to have their own personal space.
  3. Make a flash card game for restless students – For students who are finished early or you find off task, have ready-made flash cards with commands written on them so that they can do those tasks. The tasks can include activities such as: help the teacher by erasing the whiteboard; clean the desks with a wet paper towel; organize the cupboards in the room; help the teacher with photocopying…etc.
  4. Chocolate Eggs – Use a certain set of colors from a bag of chocolate eggs. Students who get the same colored eggs are in the same group.
  5. Colored Hair Ties – Give students different colored hair ties to separate groups. Students who get the same colored eggs are in the same group.
  6. Reminder Bracelets – Using construction paper, make bracelets and write out reminders for students to take home. Write the reminder on the bracelet.
  7. Exit Slips – Ask students to write a one sentence response on what they found to be most interesting learning that you provided them with that day. This will give you good feedback on what is engaging your students.

Trying different cool techniques and ideas can really help teachers to get their students engaged in their learning. I recommend you try one of these and see how it goes. Modify/adjust and share with other teachers any that you found to be effective.

I look forward to your responses!

Dr. Sunddip

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