“Having attended a one day workshop on assessment with Dr. Sunddip, I can say that she is one of those powerful agents of change in education. Her thinking is set to revolutionize education and the way it is perceived today. Her deep understanding of the various methods of assessment and their usage vis a vis change in student understanding and behaviour is worth mentioning here. She also gave me good insight into how ‘providing feedback’ can be used to make an impact and enhance student learning.”

– S. Joshi, Math Teacher and Former Head of Department, India

“I appreciate Sunddip’s originality in thinking and found her ideas and suggestions refreshing. Her presentation was so strong and worth my time that it helped me in many of the courses I teach.”

– P. Mills, Art Teacher, Ontario, Canada

“As a superintendent, I am always looking for presenters who are going to provide my staff with something to take away. Your workshop made my staff realize they can be successful in the classroom and the strategies gained have been extremely useful. Thank you, Dr. Sunddip, for your innovative approaches to helping new teachers.”

– J. Dingman, Superintendent/Principal, Manitoba, Canada

“Dr. Sunddip is not only knowledgeable, it is also very clear that she is extremely passionate about her profession. She does a great job of holding the attention of those she is addressing. Her presentations are practical, interactive and engaging.”

– C. Bottrill, Life Skills Teacher, BC, Canada

“Dr. Panesar’s workshops are always interactive. It was very engaging and I feel it provided me with many practical assessment strategies that I will be able to use as soon as I walk into the classroom.”

– J. Dyker, Principal, Ontario, Canada

“Dr. Sunddip conducted a one day workshop on Assessment Strategies for Meaningful Learning at our school. The workshop was an enriching experience as Dr. Sunddip shared many of the strategies she personally uses to enhance learning. The participants of the workshop were particularly keen to understand ways and means to help students reflect on their own learning and use techniques of journals, peer assessment and self assessment.”

-R. Gulati, Middle School Incharge, New Delhi, India

“I attended a workshop lead by Sunddip in October of 2009. I was immediately blown away by her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm. As a pre-service teacher, I had many questions and concerns about the teaching profession. Upon leaving Sunddip’s workshop, however, I felt I had gained many tools that would help me when beginning my teaching career. Sunddip came across as a very approachable and made me feel very comfortable about asking questions, no matter how big or small. There is no doubt in my mind that I will continue to utilize the tools that I gained through Sunddip’s workshop.”

– D. Purewal, Business Education Teacher, BC, Canada

“Sunddip presents and facilitates her workshops with great passion and enthusiasm and is encouraging, open and respectful of her audience. Her focus on learning – for educators and students – is unwavering. She pushes you to think outside the box and to ask the hard questions in such areas as student achievement, assessment and evaluation, and student teacher training. She has an insatiable appetite for new learning that is both contagious and engaging.”

– Ted Johnson, District Principal – Continuing Education, BC, Canada

“Dr. Sunddip Panesar is an extraordinary presenter. Her enthusiasm and passion towards education is contagious and is evident when comments were made by the staff that Sunddip’s starts off her workshops with positive energy and because of her dynamic involvement, the staff has been inspired to make changes in their approach to our organization. Her workshops always reinforce the vision and focus of our organization with practical strategies and tools that can be implemented immediately. The impact of her workshops is unbelievable and the overall team culture is positive due to Sunddip’s involvement. I can confidently say that Sunddip’s work will have a lasting impact in our organization.”

– S. Pritam, Director of Programs, Delhi, India

“Dr. Panesar is a remarkably innovative educator. Her passion for teaching and understanding of the environment necessary to achieve ideal learning conditions suited to individuals can benefit anyone who listens to her and follows her guidance. The current system of mass education has its failings. This is where Dr. Panesar can shed new light on divergent approaches that can best benefit both educators and their students. Educators driven by idealism and love for teaching will find her ideas refreshing and beneficial. I am totally impressed by her commitment and energy as well as her efforts directed at demonstrating that given the right tools, no student needs to be left behind.”

– Salim Jiwa, Editor,