Do You Hate Mondays?

organization leadershipHow many times do you wake up on a Monday dreading to go to work? Have you ever felt those “Monday morning blues” because…
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Don’t Forget To Do This…

As teachers progress into their school year, there is much to be learned and gained, as this is the time of the year where teachers can sit back and focus on the areas that will allow them to have a successful year. A teacher’s health and wellbeing is important to avoid stress and burnout. To avoid getting to the end of the year feeling as if you have not had a successful year, read (and then apply)…
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Learn from the Words of Grade 8 Students

I had the opportunity to talk to students about ways in which they stay engaged in school. When I asked them questions about what makes them engaged in their learning, students used the following phrases and words: interactive, fun, memorable, positive, hands on, concept of doing, action, working together, discovery learning, encourages inquiry, problem-based, and being challenged.

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Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes as a Teacher

5 Mistakes as a Teacher

When teachers walk into their classrooms, their overall goal is to make a positive difference and transform the minds of students. Teachers have a reason to want to teach. However, all teachers, even for the right reasons, will make mistakes. However, the key is to rectify these mistakes as early on as you can in the classroom so that the rest of the year does not become chaos, which can ultimately…
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Dealing with Outbursts

A new teacher contacted me and asked if I could provide some support on how to deal with a student who has frequent outbursts in the classroom. Her concern was that she did not have enough tools to manage the behavior since the start of the school year has immensed and the outbursts are more frequent than before.

There is always those students who have a tendency to have outbursts in the classroom….
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