About Sunddip

Who Am I?

Professional Development for TeachersDr. Sunddip is a highly respected advisor, author, and expert in the field of education and business leadership for over 10 years.

She has over 15 years of experience in:

  • K to 12 teaching (elementary, middle, high school, adult learners, career prep programs)
  • Curriculum development & Instructional design (on ground and online curriculum in K to 12 & graduate programs)
  • Administrator/Director

She is innovative, forward thinking, and believes in creative advancement and currently works as a:

  • Dissertation chair
  • Doctoral faculty
  • Certified Course Reviewer/Subject Matter Expert
  • Administrator/Instructor for career preparation programs
  • Higher Education and K to 12 curriculum developer and instructional designer.

Dr. Sunddip has worked with students, teachers, and organizational leaders all over the globe, working in schools in India, Egypt, Korea, Japan, Canada, United States, and China. Her passion is in making a change in organizations and she is a leader in helping educators develop themselves into master teachers in today’s dynamic classrooms.

Dr. Sunddip has worked helped positively change many organizations; clients include: Laureate Education, Vancouver Community College, Pearson Education, Pacific ABA Academy, Active Learning, Center for Digital Arts & Learning, Beyond Distance Education, Bal Barthi Schools, and Excel Global.

Already an international consultant for leading change, Dr. Sunddip has a natural and unique ability to mentor and coach educators and leaders in the profession.

Dr. Sunddip presented at TEDxTalks. Dedicated to making a difference, her goals are to continue to positively change organizations worldwide – one employee, one leader, one institution at a time.

Dr. Sunddip’s credentials include a doctorate degree. She was recently awarded Professional of the Yearfor her outstanding work in Education.

How My Company Started?

It started purely from my passion of wanting to make a difference in this world. I have always believed that I wanted to change the world of education and leadership. From seeing the issues that I have seen in my work as a teacher and administrator, I became passionate about wanting to be part of bigger change. Being an educator and administrator in the classroom and online environments for several years, I wanted to spread and share my knowledge of successful classroom teaching and excellent leadership.

This all started from one workshop I did in my school that lead to inspired teachers, which created a buzz that brings me to where I am today.

What I Can Do For You

Dr. Sunddip helps organizations make positive change through:

  • Workshops, where I speak at schools and help organizations in a number of areas, including Best Assessment Practices, New Teacher Survival Skills, Classroom Managment, Teacher Revival Skills, Maintaining Health and Wellness in the Workplace, 21st Century Learning, Teaching to the Adult Learner, and Developing Effective Leaders.
  • Presenting as a keynote speaker in a number of areas. My workshops are individualized to meet your organization’s needs.
  • Consultant, designing and developing curriculum for secondary and post-secondary institutions.
  • Providing long-term support and life coaching for new and struggling teachers, through online and field work. The goal is to mentor and coach teachers over an extended period of time until they reach success.

Contact us today to find out more about these programs and how to get Dr. Sunddip involved in your educational institution.

Our Mission:

To continue to positively change educational organizations worldwide – one employee, one leader, one institution at a time.

We fulfill this mission by a commitment to:

  • Honesty, integrity, and reliability
  • Innovative methods
  • Easy access to knowledge and resources
  • Creative and personalized with consistency to detail
  • Continued support
  • Professional development

Programs are research-based and focus on providing practical take-home strategies for participants. Renowned for her down-to-earth, warm speaking style, Dr. Sunddip delivers rich content and cutting edge insight. All programs are customized to suit client needs.

Published Work

Article in Research in Higher Education Journal titled: Promoting Effective Assessment for Learning Methods to Increase Student Motivation in Schools in India. (December, 2016, Volume 32)

Article in ASCD titled: Understanding the Challenges of Professional Learning Communities (June, 2015, Volume 8)

Article in ASCD Singapore titled: Why Assessment for Learning Works (April, 2014, Volume 1)

Article in African Journal of Disability & Rehabilitation titled: Life Centered-Career Education (May, 2014, Volume 1)

Book titled: New Teacher Survival Skills: An Action Plan for Successful Teaching (2012)

Article in ASCD Singapore titled: Professional Learning Communities (December, 2011)

Article in Beyond Sustainability, TEDxOkanaganCollege titled: Bring on the Learning Revolution

Dissertation titled: Exploring the Disparities between New Teachers’ Expectations of the Education Profession and the Realities of the Classroom

Article in the Research in Higher Education Journal titled: Exploring Disparities between New Teachers’ Expectations and the Realities of the Classroom (May 2010, Volume 8)